François Hollande: No second term if I fail on unemployment

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François Hollande: No second term if I fail on unemployment

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French President François Hollande has promised ‘no new taxes’ in France next year.

He faced questions from voters, many frustrated about high taxes and the economy in a rut.

Hollande also said he would not run for re-election if he failed to reduce near record unemployment before the end of his term.

“I talked about reversing the trend in unemployment. It didn’t happen. I was criticised for this because it was a high hope for many, especially those seeking work. If I cannot manage it by the end of my term in office, do you really think I would go before the French in 2017? The French would be merciless and they would be right,” he pledged.

“For the two years that I have left, until the very end, I intend to reform my country, to make it stronger. I am doing all I can so that, by the end of my mandate, I will be able to be, not proud of myself, but conscious of having been useful to France,” Hollande added.

As well as his tax pledge, Hollande announced the creation of fifteen thousand subsidized jobs for youths and increased benefits for unemployed people over 50.

Hollande also said that he wanted France to host the 2024 Olympic Games and the country was already in the running to host the 2025 World Expo.