French militant reportedly killed in US air strike in Idlib

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French militant reportedly killed in US air strike in Idlib

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The US military has targeted the al Qaeda-linked Khorasan group in five airstrikes in northwestern Syria.

It is the second time the strikes have targeted the group which the US accuses of planning attacks on America and Europe.

It’s believed French-born militant David Drugeon was a target. A senior US official speaking on condition of anonymity said: “We think we got him”. It is reported Drugeon was a bomb maker for Khorasan.

The 24-year-old convert to Islam was targeted in Idlib province in what was the latest of several US-led coalition airstrikes. Most of the others have targeted the jihadist group Islamic State.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which monitors the violence said several militants and two children had died in the latest airstrikes.

Little is known about the Khorasan group. Information from sources in the US claims it is made up of veteran fighters from the Afghanistan and Pakistan region who have embedded with al Qaeda’s Syria branch, the al Nusra Front, to use Syria as their base to attack the West.