Spanish nurse's blood may treat Ebola patients

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Spanish nurse's blood may treat Ebola patients

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Teresa Romero, the Spanish nurse who contracted Ebola in Madrid, now discharged from hospital, has offered to donate some of her blood so that it may be used to treat others infected by the virus.

“I don’t know what went wrong, I don’t even know if anything went wrong,” an emotional Romero told a news conference, refering to the source of her infection, which is still being investigated.

“I only know that I am not reproachful or resentful, but if my infection can be of some use, so that the disease can be studied better or to help find a vaccine or to cure other people, here I am,” Romero said sitting beside her husband.

The couple’s pet dog was put down last month by Madrid authorities who thought it might pose a risk of infection.

That prompted a public outcry.

“Excalibur was executed without giving us the opportunity to intervene,” explained Javier Limon Romero.

“We have lost a great scientific opportunity to see the development of the illness in animals and verify if they are able or not to transmit it,” he added.

Meanwhile the World Health Organisation said on Wednesday that it continued to see a slowdown in new Ebola infections in Liberia, but cases were still rising in Sierra Leone and stable in Guinea.

The health body said it may be the first sign that efforts to tackle the disease are working. while warning that the outbreak is still not under control.