Hong Kong democracy protesters clash with police

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Hong Kong democracy protesters clash with police

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Pro-democracy protesters have again clashed with police in Hong Kong as recent demonstrations stretch to their 40th consecutive day.

The scuffles broke out in the Mong Kok financial district, one of three remaining protest sites, at around 2 am local time.

Some wearing Guy Fawkes masks associated with anti-capitalist demonstrations around the world also joined the protest.

The Hong Kong activists are calling for free elections for their next leader in 2017. Under the current system Beijing will screen the candidates.

One of the protest groups, the Hong Kong Federation of Students is considering sending representatives to the capital for talks. The federation’s leader said there was no room for negotiation on their demand for free elections. Previously they had threatened to demonstrate outside the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum next week.

On Wednesday Regina Ip, a former security chief and advisor to Hong Kong’s embattled leader, CY Leung suggested that the students be given seats on the committee that nominates candidates.

On Sunday they are scheduled to march from the heart of the financial area to the Chinese central government’s liaison office.

The movement goes under several hashtags #OccupyCentral, #OccupyHK, #Umbrella Movement and #UmbrellaRevolution. The umbrellas used by protests have become a symbol of a movement that has drawn comparisons with the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.