Greek students vent anger over budget cuts and reform plans

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Greek students vent anger over budget cuts and reform plans

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Students have taken to the streets of Athens to protest against a government education reform bill.

Amid ongoing spending cuts to meet austerity targets, the changes will lead to shifts in education policies, as well as the merging of schools and departments. The exams process would also be reformed.

One protester told euronews:
“We’re fighting for the abolition of the new education bill. The new system and the new apprenticeship schemes will lead us directly to jobs without pay.”

Another said:
“This new system should never come into effect. It means less students in schools, it’s exhausting and forces our parents to pay more for extra classes.”

Up to 500 schools have been occupied by protesting students this week and local prosecutors have been ordered to investigate the action.

Our correspondent in Athens, Stamatis Giannisis, reported:

“The protests have caused a political clash between the government and the opposition, with the Education Minister suggesting, although not directly accusing, the left wing main opposition SYRIZA party of being behind the mobilisation.”