World Travel Market 2014 interview – Sandra Naranjo, Ecuador

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World Travel Market 2014 interview – Sandra Naranjo, Ecuador

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At the World Travel Market 2014 in London, the leading event for the global travel industry, euronews spoke to Ecuador Minister of tourism, Mrs Sandra Naranjo about the diversity in the tourism offer of Ecuador.

“Basically we are working on five pillars to improve the supply of the products that we have to offer. So we are working on safety, on quality, on the products and destinations, and then we are also working on attracting more than once for the activity and promotion. We have some very interesting products to show, like the train cruise that ends in the capital and ends at the coast. We have a lot of products within the Amazonas, we have some very high-end hotels or a community project that is a beautiful experience to see, a wildlife center, a river-cruise within the national park, which is the biggest hot spot on earth. And then of course the Galapagos, the jewel of the crown.”