Republicans winners of midterm elections

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Republicans winners of midterm elections

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The Republican Party has made important gains in the US Senate in midterm elections.

Needing only to take six seats from the Democrats to take control, by late evening Colorado Arkansas Montana South Dakota and West Virginia had all turned RED.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell was an early winner in Kentucky.

“It wasn’t about me or my opponent, it was about a government that people no longer trust to carry out it’s most basic duties: to keep them safe, to protect the border, to provide dignified and quality care for our veterans. A government that can’t be trusted to do the basic things because it’s to busy focusing on things that shouldn’t be focused on at all.”

Obama whose 40 percent approval rating made him an unwelcome campaigner among his democrat colleagues, had been anticipating the losses.

With the House of Representatives set to stay in Republican hands, the likely loss of the Senate complicates the presidents last two years in office.

However the final results may not be known for weeks as at least one state, Louisiana will hold a runoff in December.

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