Republicans win overall Senate majority in US midterm elections

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Republicans win overall Senate majority in US midterm elections

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Mitch McConnell was the winning face of the Republican party after the US midterm elections. The senator is poised to lead the senate as the GOP – as the party is known – easily won the six seats it needed to gain a majority in the upper chamber.

The Kentucky senator will now control the legislative agenda and floor proceedings in the Senate during the final two years of Barack Obama’s presidency.

“Tonight, they said we can have real change in Washington, real change and that’s just what I intend to deliver. So friends, tonight turns a corner, and the future I see is a bright one. Americans have seen that what the current crowd in Washington is offering is making us weaker both at home and abroad. They have had enough,” he told party supporters gathered in Kentucky.

The state of Iowa made history returning a female senator for the first time, Jony Ernst.

Other states which the Republicans won included Arkansas where Tom Cotton, a former Army officer who served in Afghanistan, unseated Democrat Mark Pryor, a senator for 12 years.

“As goes Colorado so goes the nation,” is a phrase often used by political commentators in the US and so it proved in these midterm elections in a state of deep cultural divisions. Cory Gardner won the seat from Democrat incumbent Mark Udall who first became a senator in 2008.