Kurdish forces call for further international help

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Kurdish forces call for further international help

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Iraqi Kurdish forces fighting ISIL fighters near Makhmour, a town recaptured from the militant group by the Kurds, say they need more weapons because ISIL have access to sophisticated weaponry from the Iraqi army.

“We need anti-tank weapons,” explained Major General Raeed to euronews correspondent Mohamed Shaikhibrahim, adding: “We call on the international community to help, because as Peshmerga and Kurdish we are sacrificing ourselves for the sake of other countries to fight terrorism.”

Makhmour, some100 kilometers south of Mosul and Irbil and 50 kilometers north of Kirkuk, has become a front line in the battle against ISIL.

Pershmerga forces are determined to prevent ISIL fighters reaching Irbil, the Iraqi Kurdish capital.

Germany has already armed 10,000 Kurdish fighters with 70 million euros worth of equipment.