Vatican breathes new life into Sistine Chapel

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Vatican breathes new life into Sistine Chapel

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The Vatican has breathed new life into the Sistine Chapel, choosing a very special day – October 29, 2014.

To coincide with the 450th anniversary of artist Michaelangelo's death, high-tech energy-saving lighting and air purification systems were unveiled.

In addition to a predicted cut in energy bills, the measures are intended to protect Michaelangelo’s famous frescoes, some of which are more than 500 years old.

Up to 20,000 visitors flood through the Chapel’s doors daily to catch a glimpse of some of the most celebrated work in the history of art.

That is over five million people each year, who unwittingly bring in harmful dust, body sweat and carbon dioxide.

The new systems will filter the air and reduce humidity, preserving the Sistine Chapel for generations to come.

The popular tourist site also provides the setting for secret meetings, in which popes are elected.