Twilight's Mia Maestro launches bilingual debut album

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Twilight's Mia Maestro launches bilingual debut album

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Twilight actress Mia Maestro is launching her debut album ‘Si Agua’.

Recorded in Iceland and featuring collaborations with a medley of artists, the album offers “a romantic blend of Latin, American and European culture”.

The songs were written in both Spanish and English.

“It is a bilingual record. Four of the songs are in Spanish, five in English. Yeah, it’s a medley of a lot of experiences that I’ve had. It just really represents who I am. I’m from Argentina, I’ve been living in the states for 14 years, so it’s a good representation of myself,” said Maestro, who adds she has always felt a passion for music.

Collaborators on the album include experimental artist Damien Rice, guitarist Ben Frost, bass saxophonist Colin Stetson and Björk-producer Valgeir Sigurðsson.

“A lot of people have told me the songs are quite cinematic or they bring up a lot of landscapes and images, so I guess I’ve been told my music goes well with films or telling stories,” said Maestro.

‘Si Agua’ by is out now and Maestro the actress begins shooting season two of Guillermo del Toro TV series ‘The Strain’ in November.

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