Russia unveils 2018 World Cup emblem

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Russia unveils 2018 World Cup emblem

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Moscow’s famed Bolshoi Theatre danced with light as Russia revealed the emblem for the 2018 football World Cup.

The design was created by the Portuguese agency Brandia, which said it was inspired by “Russia’s rich artistic tradition and its history of achievement and innovation”.

FIFA boss Sepp Blatter enthused: “We have just experienced an exceptionally good World Cup in Brazil. Russia in 2018 will be better; it will be better because the football will improve during the next four years and I’m sure it will be a wonderful fiesta of football from the different continents.They will prepare, they will be preparing now, the nations will have a plan to be ready for Russia.”

The tournament will take place in 11 cities across the country.

However the event in Russia is not without controversy as relations between the Kremlin and the US and Europe have deteriorated over Ukraine.