Jessie J wants to Sweet Talk her way into US market

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Jessie J wants to Sweet Talk her way into US market

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Already a superstar in her native Britain, singer-songwriter Jessie J has enlisted the help of US celebrities Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande to try and crack the US market.

Released this summer, ‘Bang Bang’, the first single of her new album ‘Sweet Talker’, has achieved critical and commercial success.

Jessie J explains what’s different about this third album: “I let go and I let people in. I’m a bit of a control freak because as a woman – I know you can understand that – sometimes you feel like if you let control go, it’s hard to get it back, so sometimes it’s a defence mechanism more so than a difficult mechanism, and I allowed people to write songs for me. I’ve never done that before,” she said.

For the album’s second single ‘Burnin’ Up’, Jessie J teamed up with one of the hottest names in hip hop, 2 Chainz, to provide guest vocals.

The British singer-songwriter, whose confidence was shaken when the US release of her second album ‘Alive’ was scrapped, says she now feels back on track.

“On this album I was like, ‘I know who I am,’ and I know that I wake up every day meaning to do well. Sometimes I get it wrong but I’m not hurting anyone and I just wrote from my heart and I sang my ass off, you know? I just was like, ‘I sing loud.’ Thank God for Whitney Houston, who allowed me to understand that being loud and being strong and over-singing sometimes isn’t a bad thing,” said the singer-songwriter.

Jessie J will be touring the US in December to promote her new album ‘Sweet Talker’, out now.

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