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Well-preserved mammoth carcass goes on display in Moscow

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Well-preserved mammoth carcass goes on display in Moscow

About 38,000-years old, and in surprisingly good shape, the carcass of a woolly mammoth has gone on display in Moscow.

Scientists, who found the teenage female mammoth in 2010 in Russia’s far north region of Yakutia, named it Yuka.

“Mammoth Yuka was a teenager, she was from six to nine years. She was very well preserved, even the brain was preserved,” said Vladimir Potapov, coordinator of the exhibition.

Albert Protopopov, a mammoth expert from the Yakutia Academy of Sciences, said Yuka’s carcass bore traces indicating that humans hunted for mammoths during the Ice Age.

Wooly mammoths are thought to have died out around 10,000 years ago, although scientists think small groups of them lived longer in Alaska and on islands off Siberia.

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