Nigeria: Talks to free school girls continue

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Nigeria: Talks to free school girls continue

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Nigeria has made assurances that October’s ceasefire between the military and Islamist extremists Boko Haram will hold.

Despite a flurry of attacks including the killing of a German worker, Foreign Minister Aminu Wali during his bilateral talks with his German and French counterparts, said negotiations to free over 200 girls would continue.

“We also suspect that maybe some dissidents of the main Boko Haram body would have, probably could have done that to break the ceasefire. But certainly this is not something that will threaten the negotiations that is going on. And we will make an effort also to bring back those that have been kidnapped,” said Nigeria’s foreign minister.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius added: “We support you in your fight against terrorism, against Boko Haram, which is a necessary fight, not only for your country, but for the whole region.”

A new report by Human Rights Watch has detailed the horrific treatment of women and girls abducted by Boko Haram. Little has been seen of the 200 or so school girls taken last April.