Hong Kong protesters mark one month anniversary

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Hong Kong protesters mark one month anniversary

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Pro-democracy protesters are marking the one month anniversary of their umbrella revolution in Hong Kong.

Last week, talks between demo leaders and government negotiators made little headway. Protesters are calling for free elections for Hong Kong’s next leader in 2017, rather than choosing from a pre-screened list of candidates. Beijing is showing no signs of backing down.

Organisers told demonstrators to gather at the main protest camp opposite the government’s headquarters in an effort to break the political stalemate.

They will observe a one-minute silence to commemorate the moment when riot police shot 87 volleys of tear gas at largely peaceful protesters on September 28.

It was this act which sparked wide-spread sympathy for the protesters.

There were also recriminations for the UK; the former colonial power said it would review the export licenses of tear gas by British firms.

The South China Morning Post reports that the UK has approved some 1.7 billion euros worth of licenses for arms and equipment sales to Hong Kong since 2008.