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Keanu Reeves back in action flick 'John Wick'


Keanu Reeves back in action flick 'John Wick'

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Keanu Reeves’ latest film tells the story of former hit man John Wick, whose peaceful life is turned upside down when a thug named Iosef Tarasof played by Alfie Allen steals his car and kills his dog – a dog given to him by his late wife. Seeking revenge, John heads to New York to find the thieves. It turns out, however, that Tarasov’s father (Michael Nyqvist) is a Russian crime lord who puts a bounty on John’s head. Marcus (Willem Dafoe), a former colleague and friend of John, wants to collect that bounty.

Keanu Reeves seems excited to be back in an action film:

“I love action and I love when action is connected to character and to a story. ‘John Wick,’ I thought it was done in a very unique way, a fresh way. The directors had a real vision for the action. They wanted to do long takes, and a lot of cutting so that you see it happening in front of you and you’re like wow. Did I just see that?”

David Leitch directs along with Keanu Reeves’ “Matrix” stunt double Chad Stahelski.

Reeves returns to action films effortlessly. His last films were action, but not big American productions.

“I don’t know, I came out in ’47 Ronin’ last year and so I guess it’s been a year. But I haven’t done an American action movie for a while so for me it was really cool to be back with that,” Reeves explains.

“John Wick,” opens across Europe at different dates over the coming weeks and months.

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