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Billy Idol takes DIY approach for new album

Billy Idol takes DIY approach for new album

Billy Idol has released his first new album in a decade. To celebrate the release of ‘Kings & Queens of the Underground’ the White Wedding singer premieres the music video for his single ‘Can’t Break Me Down’.

“The album I suppose, we did start writing it say two or three years ago. Although we didn’t preclude any songs that came from before that time, as one of the songs ‘Bitter Pill’ is like 14 years old. But, the majority of songs on the record are new songs that were written over the last two or three years. And then my book took a bit longer, it was about six years to write my book. And I deliberately took a certain amount of time,” explains Idol.

The singer’s music video for ‘Can’t Break Me Down’ was directed by Jason Trucco and also features actress/dancer, Izabella Miko.

Billy Idol says punk music has given him a do-it-yourself approach to life…very helpful when he was producing his latest album and writing his recently released autobiography:

“I did think if I could challenge myself to write it, on my own, without a ghostwriter I thought that, that was a little bit part of the punk spirit I came from with a very do-it-yourself way of living. You know you really thought ‘If I’m gonna be in a group I’m going to write songs? If I’m going to think about doing any kind of memoir I’m going to write my own.’ It’s a little bit of a punk ethic to try and do it yourself.”

Idol kicks off a North American tour in 2015.

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