UK's Cameron slams 2 billion euro EU bill

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UK's Cameron slams 2 billion euro EU bill

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British Prime Minister David Cameron has hit out at two billion euro bill handed to him by EU officials, branding it “unjustified and unacceptable.”

He told reporters in Brussels that he would not be paying the required amount by the December 1st deadline.

“We’re a member of this organisation and we have invested in this organisation, and we are a leading player in it and you do not join an association that suddenly thumbs you within a bill for of two billion euros three weeks before you have to pay,” Cameron said.

“It is not an acceptable way to behave. and this organisation has got to understand that if it behaves in this way….it shouldn’t get surprised when it’s members say, this can not go on and it has got to change.”

EU officials argue the new bill comes after an annual review of the British economy.

They say Britain has done better than previously thought and must pay more into the EU budget.

The Netherlands and Italy have also been handed surcharges.