Lone gunman behind Ottawa attacks, say police

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Lone gunman behind Ottawa attacks, say police

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Michael Zehaf-Bibeau has been widely identified as the gunman who killed a soldier in Ottawa before terrorising the Canadian Parliament.

US media say he was a recent convert to Islam, while Canadian papers report he had had his passport confiscated and was convicted of a string of petty crimes. Though his motive is not clear, the chronology of events is being confirmed.

The first shots were fired at 9.52 am local time at the National War Memorial where a soldier was fatally wounded. Minutes later the suspect was said to have fled to the parliament in a car with missing license plates.

He entered the centre block of the building near to where the Prime Minister was holding a party meeting.

Shots were reported at 10.45 am.

MPs were barricaded in their parliamentary rooms, as a tactical team converged on the suspect.

Central Ottawa was placed on lockdown as police secured the area of any further threat.

The parliament’s Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers, was identified as the man who shot dead the gunman, and has been largely hailed as a hero.

By 8.25pm the lockdown on downtown Ottawa was lifted.