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Annie Lennox releases nostalgic new album

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Annie Lennox releases nostalgic new album

‘Nostalgia’ is the new solo album from Scottish singer-songwriter Annie Lennox. It is a collection of the former Eurythmics star’s favourite songs from her youth.

‘Nostalgia’ is a shift into jazz for Lennox. Songs like ‘Mood Indigo’ and ‘Georgia on My Mind’ were reduced to their bare essentials before being built up in her own style. This latest album pays homage to the Great American Songbook and takes Lennox far stylistically from the 1980s hits that first brought her international fame.

“I think the idea started about two years ago. I was in Washington, DC, and I was performing with Herbie Hancock. We were rehearsing with his band and we were going to perform at a UN AIDS benefit. And we were having this rehearsal and I was just singing with the band and they’re all like really stalwart jazz musicians. And I was just singing for fun and then it occurred to me, actually it was quite a lot of fun. It was more fun than I realised and I kind of thought that’s an interesting place to go with my voice,” explained the former Eurythmics star.

Lennox wanted to avoid just covering the songs and imitating the greatest vocalists of the last century with the help of a skilled arranger and an orchestra leader.

She also clarified recent remarks she made about Beyonce that were perceived to be critical: “What I was really trying to say was that for years and years many women have been working in the area of supporting women, empowering women, trying to give women emancipation, trying to facilitate equality. And that is a very serious task. And when women go on the stage and merely perform – and I’m not saying Beyonce merely performs, it’s not about Beyonce, just take her off of that. What I’m kind of trying to say is that twerking isn’t feminism, OK? That’s what I’m trying to say and if you want to use the label then do more. Do more. Really represent it well.”

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