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Paris Picasso Museum renovations complete

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Paris Picasso Museum renovations complete

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The Picasso Museum in Paris is reopening its doors after five years of renovations and an expansion of its floorspace. During that time there have been dismissals and plenty of setbacks.

When the museum officially opens on 25th October, 400 works from the prolific creator of Cubism will be on display in a 3,700 square metre space in the 17th century Hotel Sale. The renovation cost over 50 million euros, considerably more than originally planned.

Former director of the museum and Picasso expert Anne Baldassari will curate the opening exhibition: “We can follow Picasso’s every step from 1895 right up to 1972. We can see his works in a different light because we’re not limited by space. It’s airier, there are more walls and it’s easier to enjoy his works.”

Baldassari was sacked earlier this year over accusations of mismanagement and disagreements between the government and the artist’s family. Her successor Laurent Le Bon, hopes the reopening will end the museum’s seemingly endless problems: “It’s been closed for five years because of the renovations. The Picasso that we’ve known up until now has been replaced by a new Picasso.”

Pablo Picasso once boasted: “Give me a museum and I’ll fill it.” He lived up to his word.

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