EU to appoint Ebola czar and step up aid effort

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EU to appoint Ebola czar and step up aid effort

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The European Union has agreed to step up efforts to stem the spread of Ebola in affected African countries.

EU Foreign Ministers have pledged at least 500 million euros in aid and guaranteed that infected humanitarian workers will be medically evacuated to safety.

Meeting in Luxembourg, they also said that a European Ebola czar will be appointed to oversee resources and funding. Britain wants the aid effort to reach a billion euros.

“This is a very worthwhile investment and that money would be spent on providing additional beds and isolation facilities in country because the only way we are going to stop the spread of the disease is to make sure that people are isolated and treated early,” said UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

The EU and member states are already supporting stricken West African nations by flying in aid. Britain has sent troops and a Royal Navy medical ship to Sierra Leone.

But with 4,546 deaths across the three most-affected countries, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, much more clearly needs to be done.