Hong Kong protesters becoming more 'radical and violent' - police

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Hong Kong protesters becoming more 'radical and violent' - police

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Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrators and police squared up to each other once again on Saturday night.

In the suburb of Mong Kok, clashes erupted causing minor injuries on both sides.

Police say they succeeded in breaking up a large block of protesters and several people were arrested.

Students took shelter under their umbrellas to avoid pepper spray fired by anti-riot officers.

Scuffles broke out despite confirmation that talks will take place between protest leaders and the government next Tuesday over democratic reform.

Hong Kong’s chief of police said his officers had been “extremely tolerant” but that demonstrators were becoming “more radical and violent”.

Tuesday’s talks to try to bring an end to three weeks of protests will be broadcast live on TV.

Protests erupted three weeks ago over Beijing’s plans to have the final say over candidates for the next leadership election in 2017.

China has ruled Hong Kong with a high degree of autonomy following the return of the former British colony in 1997 but protesters want full universal suffrage.