60 rescued on Saturday after Nepal mountain disaster

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60 rescued on Saturday after Nepal mountain disaster

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Amateur video footage taken by a survivor of one of Nepal’s worst ever mountain disasters shows almost complete loss of visibility amid blasting winds.

Forty-three people are now confirmed to have died after a snowstorm brought blizzards to the Annapurna trail in the Himalayas.

More than 370 people have been rescued, including 60 on Saturday.

Paul Sheridan, who shot the footage, explained that when his group arrived at Thorong La, the highest pass along the Annapurna trek, hikers were caught unprepared by the sudden change in the weather.

He described how difficult became to see.

“My glasses, I had to take them off because they were frozen and I couldn’t see through my glasses. Not only could you not see where you were, the snow blew away the footprints,” he said.

As the search goes on for around 40 still missing, many of the injured have been treated for frostbite.

The government admitted it failed to warn that a cyclone in India last week would bring extreme weather to Nepal.

It has promised to put an early warning system in place.