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Life in Suruc, home to thousands of Kobani's refugees


Life in Suruc, home to thousands of Kobani's refugees

Just 15km away from the besieged Syrian town of Kobani is the Turkish town, Suruc.

It has seen its population double with the influx of refugees over the last month.

They’ve made storehouses, unfinished buildings and even mosques their makeshift homes, while their houses remain visible from the border.

As the standoff over Kobani continues, so does the flow of refugees to Suruc, which is pushing the town to its limits.

“For us there’s no business. People think hundreds of thousands people is good for business. On the contrary our business has almost stopped. People are in a miserable situation in mosques and houses,” said shop owner İbrahim Güven.

Having fled with no money or documents, refugees are struggling to get work permits and leave Suruc to start a new life. The process can be slow leaving people in limbo.


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