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Pink reverts to being Alecia Moore for new duo project

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Pink reverts to being Alecia Moore for new duo project

Alecia Moore is leaving Pink behind – at least for now. The 35-year-old American singer-songwriter has teamed up with Canadian artist and close friend Dallas Green for a new duo project You+Me.

Asked why she decided to drop her stage name for this album, she said: “Because this has nothing to do with Pink. Pink was my nickname as a kid but it’s become this thing that I do. If you say the name Pink, you conjure up a woman hanging from a ceiling in a piece of cloth, screaming about her husband constantly. Some people really like that and some people really don’t.”

The two artists, who have been friends for years, managed to carve some time out of their busy schedules to write their new record 'rose ave.'.

Pink is on a break right now, having wrapped up her ‘Truth About Love’ tour earlier this year, and the duo has not announced any gig dates yet, though Moore says she loves to be on stage: “I think I stopped trying to compete with my peers a long time ago because I can’t and it doesn’t work. I’m popular – I’m a pop star, and thank God, I’m so grateful for that. But I’m way more of a touring person now. So really, I’m just trying to create the best thing that I can create so I can do the coolest thing on the stage.”

Alecia Moore and Dallas Green’s duo album ‘rose ave.’ which includes their own material as well as a cover of Sade’s hit 'No Ordinary Love' is out now.

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