Hong Kong govt offers second round of protest talks

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Hong Kong govt offers second round of protest talks

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Hong Kong leaders say they hope to hold renewed talks with protesters within the next week over calls for democratic reform in the Chinese territory.

Although their numbers have dwindled in recent days, thousands of demonstrators continued their rally on Thursday. They’re demanding that Beijing stays out of deciding who can be the Chinese territory’s next leader.

China, which granted Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy, wants to approve the final selection of candidates for the next vote in 2017.

Amid hopes that a second round of talks might see a road map for reform, protest leaders say the ball remains in the government’s court.

One demonstrator, Chrysanthemum Fok describe the new talks as a “sign of progress”.

But Alex Chow, Secretary General of Hong Kong Federation of Students remained sceptical.

“Hong Kong people and students provided different possibilities for the government to solve the current problem. But so far, we have not seen any concrete proposal by the government, so it really depends on the government,” he said.

Euronews correspondent Serge Romi, who’s in Hong Kong said:

“Although somewhat weakened, inhabitants and the business community think that this movement could potentially go on much longer, perhaps even several weeks. But the predominant feeling is that Chinese authorities won’t give an inch in this standoff.”