US country music prodigy Hunter Hayes targets UK

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US country music prodigy Hunter Hayes targets UK

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One 23-year old prodigy reportedly plays 30 different musical instruments.

Four-time Grammy nominee and multi-platinum country star Hunter Hayes is now hoping to crack the UK market with the release of his four-track EP and single, ‘Tattoo’.

The young singer-songwriter explains how music became second nature for him:

“My grandmother gave me a toy accordion when I was two for my birthday or something like that and then it just kind of went from there. It was a drum kit for Christmas or something when I was five and then it was a guitar when I was six and, I don’t know, it’s just one of those things where music became my thing. It was like my sports activity, it was my place,” he says.

Already a household name on the US country music scene, where he sold more than 3.5 million copies of his single ‘Wanted’, Hayes has reworked his new single ‘Tattoo’ for the UK market – less familiar with country music – to give it a pop rock flavour.

The young artist says his influences go beyond country music: “Watching a Coldplay show was one of my best experiences at a live concert, and then Michael Bublé is one of my favourite entertainers because he just breaks down at the wall. Each of them bring a totally different show but each of them are absolutely fantastic performers in their own way,” he says.

Hunter Hayes is on tour throughout the United States and Canada until the end of the year. His new single and four-track EP 'Tattoo' are out now in the UK.

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