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This season's Moda Lisboa all about legacy

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This season's Moda Lisboa all about legacy

Legacy is the theme of this 43rd edition of Moda Lisboa. This season’s fashion week draws on the idea that evolving style and innovative design does not imply we should forget about the past, but instead appreciate our heritage.

London-based jewelry designer Olga Noronha, who studied at Central St Martin’s and Goldsmiths, was one of the 10 young designers who opened the show.

“I started researching about lights, about nature, about fluidity and magic and I thought of the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights. From those northern lights, I started thinking about the material that could provide that mysticism to the pieces, through crystals to fiber optics,” said the young designer.

The first day of Lisbon Fashion Week featured the upcoming spring-summer collections of established designers Alexandra Moura and Ricardo Preto.

Entitled Inverter, Moura’s collection was an exercise in deconstruction. Silhouettes were traditional but fabrics were turned around and cut asymmetrically. The colour palette included black, indigo and an array of whites in materials ranging from linen and silk to neoprene and microfiber.

Ricardo Preto's collection was dedicated to the contemporary woman battling with day-to-day life. Naturally flowing dresses and skirts with cowboy fringes featured alongside camouflage-print pants, skirts and jackets for an all round modern warrior look.

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