'Monsters' sequel premieres at London Film Festival

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'Monsters' sequel premieres at London Film Festival

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It was a rainy world premiere for Tom Green’s ‘Monsters: Dark Continent’ at the London Film Festival.

The sequel to Gareth Edwards’ 2010 film ‘Monsters’, it is set a decade after the alien invasion, when the US army is deployed to combat a proliferation of terrifying monsters, and also finds itself fighting insurgents in the North African deserts.

‘Monsters’ has been described by some critics less as a sci-fi movie than "a study of desert combat dynamics (and) how different personalities hold up under pressure".

“What’s interesting about the creatures is that people are projecting a lot of their own meaning onto them,” said director Tom Green. “But ultimately it’s a war film and we are looking at men at war and the human condition of that. People interestingly project a lot onto the creatures but hopefully they give it scale and also the science fiction element, which was important.”

Filming took place in Jordan and in Detroit. British actor Joe Dempsie, best known for his role as Chris Miles in the drama series ‘Skins’, says it was a tough shoot.

“It was a really intense filming experience. It was tough, it wasn’t easy, we were in searing heat, it was difficult subject matter and there were some quite harrowing scenes, you are essentially watching a squadron of soldiers come unstuck in a very hostile environment,” he said at the premiere.

‘Monsters: Dark Continent’ is out in the UK & Ireland in November.

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