Hong Kong clashes as pro-democracy barriers are removed

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Hong Kong clashes as pro-democracy barriers are removed

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Tensions boiled over in Hong Kong on Monday as hundreds of people opposed to the pro-democracy movement clashed with protesters staging a two-week long blockade.

The unidentified crowd tore down protest barriers. Demonstrators claimed the attacks were organised and may have involved Asian crime gangs.

Earlier police peacefully removed some barricades erected by the student-led activists, saying this was to facilitate the flow of traffic.

Taxi drivers, in particular, have been angered by the disruption caused by blocked streets in the Chinese-controlled city.

Authorities have warned the blockade there cannot last indefinitely.

Protesters have been reinforcing their positions elsewhere in the former British colony.

They want Hong Kong’s Chief Executive to resign and for people to be given the right to vote for a leader of their choice in elections in 2017. China wants to select candidates for the poll.