Worker who treated Ebola victim Thomas Duncan has deadly virus

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Worker who treated Ebola victim Thomas Duncan has deadly virus

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There is surprise and anguish in the US after revelations that a hospital worker in Texas has caught the Ebola virus.

Only days after Spain found itself in a similar situation, a worker who looked after a Liberian man who later died has also now tested positive.

Top officials in Dallas are defending their procedures, but can not yet explain how a new infection was possible in a hospital.

Dallas County’s top official, Clay Jenkins, told reporters: “We expected that something, that it was possible that a second person could contract the virus. Contingency plans were put into place and the hospital will discuss the way that the health care worker followed those contingency plans”.

The hospital says it is still investigating.

Dr. Daniel Varga from the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital said: “We are still confident that the precautions that we have in place will protect our healthcare workers.

“We don’t have a full analysis of all of the care; we’re going through that right now
to try to understand specific elements of who came in contact with Mr Duncan, around what circumstances, on what day, etc.

“But we are confident that the precautions we have in place right now are protecting our healthcare workers.”

The infected worker had looked after Liberian man Thomas Duncan, who became the US’s first Ebola fatality. The worker reported a slight fever on Friday night.