IMF 'ready to do more' to help battle Ebola

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IMF 'ready to do more' to help battle Ebola

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The IMF is putting the fight against Ebola at the top of its priorities list as the outbreak threatens economic recovery in West African countries.

After loosening up deficit rules for the worst-affected countries, the Fund also pledged hundreds of millions of euros in aid, and IMF chief Christine Lagarde said they were ready to do more.

“Let me preface anything that I will say with one presentation, which is what I am wearing here on the side of my jacket. It says: Isolate Ebola, not Countries (…). If more is needed, we will be there, we will partner with those countries, there is no question.”

The response to the outbreak of the deadly virus has been judged insufficient. For Andris Piebalgs, the EU Commissioner for Development, throwing money at the problem is not the only solution.

“The challenge that I see is mostly how to coordinate all the efforts, because it’s not a lack of money at this stage, it’s really coordination of the efforts on the ground.”

With more than 4,000 dead and West African countries economies cracking, time is of the essence, as euronews correspondent Stefan Grobe explains:

“The fight against Ebola has become a race against the clock. As one expert has told us, the virus is on virus time, while the world is on bureaucracy time. The risk is that even as more resources are added, we get further behind.”