Healthcare workers in Liberia to go on strike over working conditions

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Healthcare workers in Liberia to go on strike over working conditions

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Thousands of Liberian healthcare workers are set to go on strike from Monday morning.

They say the government is ignoring their demands for protective equipment, decent working conditions and to be properly paid in the fight against Ebola.

Around 100 healthcare workers have already died in Liberia.

Every morning in many hospitals, staff join together to pray for their patients’ recovery and that they themselves will go home uninfected. Now they pray that authorities will understand the dire situation, so they will not have to leave patients unattended.

The system is already at breaking point and the strike could have a disastrous effect on the spread of the disease.

One doctor explained the impact: “What that means is that the patients already in isolation will remain and probably die, some of them are strong enough to run, so they will leave their units and go home, because they have to eat and they will go back home and infect the community members, so we’ll see more infections on the street.”

The government denies knowing anything about the strike and said it had already reached an agreement of paying healthcare workers.

Patients say they are already suffering from under-resourced hospitals and clinics.

“We need food on time we need care on time. we need nursing and medical treatment . This morning we didn’t we get any food because there was no staff here,” said one patient.

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