Spanish nurse who caught Ebola said to be improving

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Spanish nurse who caught Ebola said to be improving

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The Spanish nurse who became infected with the Ebola virus is said to be improving.

Sources at the Madrid hospital where 16 other people are still being monitored, say Teresa Romero remains critical but is better. She is also said to be talking.

The 44-year-old was the first person to contract the virus outside of Africa, sparking an outcry over how it could have been possible.

Reporters have spoken to the family of the nurse, who became infected while treating other patients who later died from the virus.

The mother confirmed that it seems her daughter is better.

The government has been facing growing criticism over the case and has launched an investigation into what led to the infection.

EU health ministers are due to hold an extraordinary meeting in Brussels next Thursday to discuss boosting precautions against Ebola.