More homes destroyed in eastern Ukraine despite supposed ceasefire

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More homes destroyed in eastern Ukraine despite supposed ceasefire

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As the shelling continues in eastern Ukraine, residents say a supposed ceasefire has never existed.

More homes have been destroyed near the city of Donetsk, despite a truce being signed between government forces and pro-Russian separatists.

Resident Ludmila Pavlovna spoke to reporters outside her burning home. “We were at home in the evening, all the family together, preparing school homework with my child,” she said. “Then there was an explosion and soon after a fire.

“I don’t know, but yesterday we felt like we were born for a second time, because it feels like we are so lucky to have survived something like that.”

“I don’t know anything about the ceasefire, but shelling happens here every day. It’s called a ceasefire in a Ukrainian way.”

The UN says more than 330 people have died in eastern Ukraine since the ceasefire was agreed last month. Residential neighbourhoods are often caught up in the crossfire.

Yesterday the Ukrainian President visited troops in Donetsk. He also announced that the businessman appointed as governor of the region would be replaced with an army general.