Anger from Turkish Kurds as government refuses to intervene against ISIL

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Anger from Turkish Kurds as government refuses to intervene against ISIL

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Kurdish leaders and the UN have warned of an imminent bloodbath in the Syrian town of Kobani, where Kurdish fighters continue to battle ISIL.

Despite US-led airstrikes, ISIL forces appear on the verge of overrunning the town.

Turkey has troops and tanks lined up along the border within a few hundred yards of the fighting, but has so far refused to intervene, demanding a buffer zone be set up in Syria before they get involved. The US has refused, and critics say the buffer zone would be used as an excuse for Turkey to crush the Kurds in the region.

There is anger among Turkish Kurds who are being blocked from crossing into Syria to fight ISIL.

One Turkish Kurd said: “If Turkey stays silent, it will be much worse, we know this. In every corner around Turkey, there will be war, people will die, shops will be burned down, cars will be set on fire, people will die. You can already see people’s reactions. People will start attacking soldiers, attacking police. A big massacre could happen.”

More than 550 people are estimated to have died in a month of fighting in Kobani. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based Syrian opposition body which monitors the conflict, said around 300 Islamic State fighters were among the dead. They believe the true figure for deaths since the IS attack began on September 16 is likely to be more than 1000.