Roger Milla on African football of today

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Roger Milla on African football of today

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Roger Milla was one of the first African players to become a major star on the international stage.

Staggeringly at the age of 38 he scored four goals to help Cameroon become the first African team to reach the World Cup quarter-finals.

Four years later he become the oldest world cup scorer at 42.

Euronews caught up with the now 62-year-old in Monaco.

When asked about the differences between the African players of his generation and those of today the former Monaco, Bastia and Saint Etienne striker said: ‘‘It is true it was much harder in our era, but it’s also true that we had much more discipline.

‘‘Today football in Africa is no longer the same football that we used to play. In our time we really did not care too much about money. Today money is the most important factor.

‘‘I am disappointed because those who control football today. I mean FIFA and CAF do not make efforts to change things. Inside CAF we know there is chaos in African football but nobody does anything. It is still the same situation and everyone wants to know the day an African nation will reach the final of a big tournament but you cannot do that without order. There won’t be any final appearance without discipline.’‘