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France: Hollande hosts eco-warrior Schwarzenegger for climate talks


France: Hollande hosts eco-warrior Schwarzenegger for climate talks

His popularity ratings are in the doldrums but Francois Hollande has the Terminator on his side – when it comes to saving the planet.

Ahead of next year’s UN climate talks in France the President hosted Arnold Schwarzenegger, an environmental champion with his R20-Regions of Climate Action group which brings regional authorities together, from around the world, to push for environmental progress.

“We are big believers in a regional approach, in the sub-national approach,” Schwarzenegger told reporters outside the Elysée Presidential palace

“We in California have been very successful without the help of a national government.”

The ex-Governor of California should know – when he was in the driving seat, the state’s clean energy credentials made headlines worldwide.

On his visit to the French capital, the ex-bodybuilder turned Hollywood star, politician and eco-warrior couldn’t resist the lure of the Paris Motor Show – spending time, of course, with the cleanest greenest vehicles.

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