Sportel celebrates 25th anniversary

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Sportel celebrates 25th anniversary

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Sportel has become the must-attend convention for the sports media industry leaders.

This year the popular convention celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The ideal opportunity to expand businesses and ideas Sportel takes place every year at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.

General manager Amparo Di Fede said: “It’s 25 years of success. We did not start with much, only with a few TV actors and TV sports presenters and now we are at the Grimaldi Forum, a site with two floors and 2 500 participants.”

Di Fede also explained that the business deals that are done during the convention are rarely unveiled publicly.

She said: “It’s very secret. All the contracts that are signed are behind closed doors and secret and the participants rarely reveal what they have signed and especially the sums of money that’s in play, but I know it is a substantial amount.’‘

It’s not only a gathering place for sports business that buy and sell ideas and techniques but of sports men and women looking to boost profiles of various charities or personal endeavors.