Obama says air strikes alone won't save Kobani

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Obama says air strikes alone won't save Kobani

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The battle for the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani reached a new intensity on Wednesday with constant shelling and gun fire between Islamist militants and the town’s Kurdish defenders.

Back in Washington at a strategy meeting President Obama admitted that US air strikes alone won’t save the border town.

He wants more coalition support but rejects Turkey’s suggestion of an internationally protected buffer zone.

US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki spoke for the president:

“We’re not considering the implementation of a buffer zone.We are happy to hear from our partners and listen to them and talk to them about a range of options that they are putting out there and they are proposing. They (Turkey) have felt this threat, the threat of ISIL as much or more than most countries around the world and certainly they have their own concerns to be focused on and that’s one of the reasons why they need to play a pivotal role here and that’s, well, the discussion we’re having.”

So far Ankara has has been criticised for taking no military action to help the Kurdish town near its border but the government has defended itself saying it has accepted thousands of refugees fleeing the fighting.