Facebook's Zuckerberg targets India

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Facebook's Zuckerberg targets India

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is visiting India – a country of contrasts for social media.

It is Facebook’s second biggest market after the US, even though more than one billion people there do not use the internet.

Zuckerberg’s most important meeting is with India’s recently elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who uses Facebook and Twitter to bypass traditional news media and communicate his thoughts directly to constituents, even utilised a hologram while campaigning. He is keen to find allies to push his Digital India vision.

For Facebook India represents huge growth potential as it is not a saturated market like North America and Europe.

Right now India’s 100 million active Facebook users bring the company only tiny profits – less than one third of one percent of its revenue.

Zuckerberg’s meeting with Modi is expected to focus on how Facebook and the Indian government can collaborate on which aims to increase affordable web access for people around the world, beyond just pushing cheaper smartphones.