Ex-Slovenia PM Bratusek pulls out of EU job race.

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Ex-Slovenia PM Bratusek pulls out of EU job race.

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Former Slovenian Prime Minister Alenka Bratusek has resigned as her country’s nominee for the next European Commission.

Her decision comes after a committee of MEPs said she was not up to the job.

The move means the new commission might take office later than planned.

It had been set to start work on November 1.

Slovenia will have to put forward a new name and a new hearing will be needed.

Bratusek had come under fire for essentially nominating herself whilst still in office.

She put herself on Slovenia’s shortlist of candidates at a time when Commission President-Elect Jean Claude Juncker was seeking more female nominees.

EU law says the European Parliament can only reject the commission as a whole.

It is set to vote on Juncker’s lineup on October 22.