More than 50 monitored for Ebola in Madrid as anger mounts over nurse's infection

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More than 50 monitored for Ebola in Madrid as anger mounts over nurse's infection

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More than 50 people are now being monitored by authorities in Spain, as anger spreads about how a nurse was able to contract the Ebola virus.

The case in Madrid is the first known contagion outside of Africa. The nurse had been caring for two Ebola patients repatriated from Africa, who later died.

The husband of the infected nurse told reporters: “I don’t know how she caught it. She was doing her job, respecting all the rules and doing as she was told. She returned home as usual and was not afraid of getting infected.”

Health workers have been protesting, with claims that cuts meant the procedures and equipment were not up to scratch. They are calling on health leaders, including the minister, to resign.

A doctor outside the Carlos III hospital told euronews: “People are really worried, that’s normal, it’s a potentially deadly illness and it’s natural that people are worried.

“Even if the procedures had been applied, people are worried; also because we don’t yet know how much contact the infected nurse had.”

A woman outside the hospital said: “I’m worried and afraid.”

“Do you think they took the right measures?” our reporter asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” replied the woman.

Another woman said: “I think they followed the procedures and I don’t think things will get worse.”

Euronews’ correspondent in Madrid, Carlos Marlasca, reported that the infected nurse is being treated with antibodies from the blood of a nun who survived Ebola in Africa.