Kurdish protesters storm European Parliament

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Kurdish protesters storm European Parliament

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Kurdish protesters calling for the EU to do more in tackling ISIL stormed the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday.

They staged a two-hour sit-in to protest the lack of Western action against the militant groups.

Some MEPs met with the demonstrators, who chanted slogans and waved flags.

“We came here to make ourselves to the whole world because no-body is listening to us,” one unnamed demonstrator told euronews.

“No-one is opening their eyes to what is happening in Kobane. Innocent people, women, children are getting killed for no reason.”

The protesters also said the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, should be removed from the EU’s list of prescribed terrorist organisation.

They left the elected assembly peacefully just after midday on Tuesday, chanting “Viva Kobane”.

The demonstration mirrored a similar protest at the Dutch parliament in the Hague late on Monday.