Brazil election 'too close to call' as voters head to the polls

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Brazil election 'too close to call' as voters head to the polls

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Brazilians are heading to the polls to elect their next president in the most unpredictable election in decades.

Around 143 million are eligible to vote and the winning candidate must secure 50 percent to avoid a run-off on October 26th, though no candidate is polling above the 40 percent mark.

The election has seen the death of one candidate and the late surge of another, making the result difficult to call.

The outgoing President Dilma Rousseff from the left-wing Workers’ Party (PT) is seeking a second term. Polls show she is the favourite to win. However, voters may punish her over the economy’s lacklustre growth in the past four years.

Centre-right candidate Aecio Neves has eaten away at Rousseff’s main competitor Marina Silva, becoming the second lead candidate whom the incumbent could face in the run-off.

Silva, the hero of the global conservation movement, had been ahead in the polls until recently. The elections looked like a two-horse race until Rousseff attacked her credentials.