Back to basics drive at Paris auto show

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Back to basics drive at Paris auto show

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Streamlined and standardised – the watchwords this year from the major carmakers aiming to sell more at the Paris auto show.

The key it seems to boosting profit margins is to simplify the complex list of options for buyers, while also giving them a choice for more if they want.

The drive to revitalise the industry has the French presidential seal of approval.

“Two years ago that the French automobile industry was in crisis. For two years now efforts have been made by industrialists, by the government, stimulation funds and incentives..and the results are on show here. The French automobile industry has redressed itself and it is taking off again,” said President Francois Hollande while touring the exhibition hall.

Volvo Cars chief executive Hakan Samuelsson said the trend to offer more and more choice in equipping cars was over-rated.

“You eat better in a good restaurant where the chef has made a clever combination, than one where you have to ask for what you want,” he said.

There is plenty on offer for those who still want to choose from an ever growing list of model variants, multimedia features and the latest technology, especially among the ultra-luxury car manufacturers.

But the drive to bring some order into the multitude of options for buyers is being aggressively pursued by the big car makers, who claim standardising equipment also helps the market to gauge the second-hand value of a car.