Moscovici rebuffs 'bias' suggestions

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Moscovici rebuffs 'bias' suggestions

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Former French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici says he won’t shy away from criticising France’s public spending plans.

MEPs has expressed concern that the man put forward to be the next EU economics commissioner might not be objective.

“I have a compass, it’s very clear, very simple . Rules, only the rules, all the rules,” said Moscovici.

“if a country, whichever one it is, does not fulfill the obligations under treaties and finds itself under investigation, even if it is France, I will continue this procedure without fail,” he added.

Moscovici, a French Socialist, failed to convince parliamentarians from the centre-right of the EU’s elected assembly.

British Conservative MEP Kay Swinburne said “there were very few answers in (his testimony).”

“Somebody handed me a blank sheet of paper and said that that was their conclusion as to what he had answered in that session,” she added.