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Bulgaria declares day of mourning for explosives factory blast victims


Bulgaria declares day of mourning for explosives factory blast victims

A blast at an explosives factory in Bulgaria has left fifteen people dead, and the hope of finding survivors is quickly vanishing.

The head of the interior ministries fire safety unit explained the explosions were so powerful that only craters remained where the depot stood.

“The plant has been literally incinerated; there are no buildings on the spot,” explained Svetlozar Lazarov, Secretary-General of the Interior Ministry. “Police blocked the area, we are using thermo cameras and other equipment to search for any life, we have seen an animal but absolutely no signs of humans or human life.”

The labour ministry said that an inspection of the plant which employed 150 people two months ago found that outdated tools were used to dismantle munitions and explosives were improperly stored.

One of the survivors spoke of her experience, saying:

“We were going home from work and we were at the exit. As we were standing outside there was a terrible blast and something hit me and I fell. I don’t remember anything else.”

The government declared Friday will be a national day of mourning and one political party called for the general election scheduled for Sunday to be postponed, many parties called off their final rallies as a mark of respect.


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